We are a culture of people who don’t know how to rest.  We know how to go, keep going, and continue to go on fumes.  We know how to push through, which is a great quality in it's season, but you can't push through if you've never learned to rest.

Divergent was born as a resource to obtain that assistance by developing a relationship with one group of professionals, rather than having to go out and find that support from five different places or pay outrageous prices. 

I learned that “this moment” is what I have.  I learned that hurry is a poor substitute for peace.  I learned that some things are better left undone.  I learned that I have a team that not only is capable of helping me, but that they seem to want to help me, and that I need to allow help to happen to me.  I learned that a little grace, a lot of connection, and a certain amount of stillness is good for the soul.  I am still learning how much stillness is required of me for my heart to rest, and that’s not an easy lesson for a busybody like me to answer.  Perhaps check back in 2019.

Why do you love The OWN? 
I have been part of The OWN since it started but also since my practice was very little. It really helped me grow as a person and business owner.  Sometimes I just needed to bounce an idea off another person that is in my shoes, or could see things from another perspective.  OWNers are people who want to succeed and are willing to help you do the same. 

So, in 2018, we might not be the company that changes the way the world shops, but we hope to be the company that changes the way we rest.  We hope to be the company that reminds you that you’re doing enough and you are enough.  We hope to be the company that reminds us that things that truly matter are not instant; they take time.  We hope to be the company that’s more about connectedness and peace than correspondence and productivity.  In an ever changing world, we hope to be the company that reminds you that you’ve known all along what matters most to you, and you have everything you need to be able to enjoy those things.


Cheri St. Pierre isn't just a real estate maven. Her background in counseling and mental health lends itself to her ability to negotiate the best deals for clients as well as walk clients through the stresses of buying and selling properties.

First tell us about your business--how and why did you start it?
I started selling real estate over 17 years ago. According to my mom, as a child I was going to peoples homes and started looking at what I would do differently and then tell her later, but as I grew older I felt counseling and helping people was important and went to college and graduate school in mental health and counseling. After moving back Rapid City and searching for homes, I had found a passion again for homes. I decided to explore that further and found that you can help people with those services as well. Counseling does play a big role in everything I do, including help negotiate and keeping transactions running smooth. Home and other real estate sales can also be very emotional, important steps in people’s lives.

The OWN is a great place for networking, sharing ideas, getting ideas and growing your business..png

What services do you provide?
Our team sells Homes, vacation rentals,  commercial properties land, but most importantly we offer professional services to help in all types of real estate transactions

Who can benefit from your services?
Anyone can benefit from our services.  We love helping all people--if they are beginning their real estate adventure renting, we can help them get to the next step of ownership.

What is a word of advice you can offer to other women in business?
Always work and talk in a professional manner no matter what situation you are in. Stay calm and think through the problems and growth in logical ways, taking the right steps might not always seem the fastest, but skipping a step might mean you fall. Hire better than you.

Why do you love The OWN?
The OWN is a great place for networking, sharing ideas, getting ideas and growing your business.

Want to learn more about Cheri or get in contact with her about your next real estate deal? Check out her page here!

AuthorMichaela Tully

If you take a look at the list of VIP Members we have in specific, you’re sure to notice their names and logos on everything from soccer jerseys to banners at non-profit events. These companies are often footing bills for networking events, small business classes, workshops, and tools for those in our city.  They very often provide matching funds to our schools fundraisers, are giving scholarships to talented students and athletes, and providing internships and mentorships to our community’s youth.